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Whether you are a building manager, commercial property manager or a building owner, there are two important that you need to be mindful of – the safety of your tenants, and also the property.

If a fire were to break out in your building, would your tenants and residents know what to do?

They’d probably grab a fire extinguisher…but what if they grabbed the wrong one? The results would be disastrous and could result in property damage, loss of rental yield, or worse injury or death.

SafeChem ensures that when reaching for the fire extinguisher, you are reaching for the right one.

SafeChem is designed to fight Class A fires; wood, paper and fabric, Class B fires; fuel, oil and flammable liquid, and of course class F fires. This highly reduces the risk of using the wrong fire extinguisher on the wrong fire type.

All in one compact and easily-to-handle unit. Its functionality means whether you are in the kitchen, a café, restaurant, BBQ area, classroom or aged care facility, SafeChem can fight the fire – reducing the risk and protecting people.

SafeChem is a safe alternative to powder extinguishers and traditional fire blankets, as it creates minimal visibility issues when discharged and can be safely extinguished from a distance.

No other extinguisher gives this level of safety to staff and the public. With SafeChem it’s almost impossible to get it wrong.

This ground-breaking and innovative fire extinguisher is exclusive to Checkpoint Products in Australia.

Can you afford to take the risk?



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