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9kg Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket

Commander™ 9.0kg Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket


  • Powder Coated Black Finish
  • Suitable for Powder Fire Extinguishers up to 9.0kg
  • Pull pin safety mechanism
  • Model number CPVB90
  • Sold individually or Supplied in box of 4 units


About the Commander Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket

  • Robust construction, designed to be mounted to heavy machinery to securely fix your fire extinguisher
  • Adjustable clamp to suit different extinguisher sizes/types
  • Known as Cannon style bracket
  • Ideal for vehicles such as utes, trucks, boats, earth moving machinery, mining machinery etc.



First aid cross sticker

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Foam extinguisher sticker

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4.5kg Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket

4.5kg Fire Extinguisher Vehicle BracketView

Assembly point sign

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