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CO2 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher – 2kg

Commander™ 2kg Carbon Dioxide CO2 Portable Fire Extinguisher


  • Certified and Approved to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1841.6
  • Powder coated red finish
  • Aluminium cylinder construction
  • Supplied with maintenance/test tag & wall bracket
  • Model number CP20CO2


About the Commander Carbon Dioxide CO2 Fire Extinguisher


Our Commander 2kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher (Carbon Dioxide CO2 Portable Fire Extinguisher) is ideal to protect your valuable assets from Class B & E fire risks. This includes electrical and flammable liquid fires, the extinguisher works by reducing the oxygen available which is fueling the fire.

The 2kg Carbon DIoxide CO2 fire extinguisher is safe to use on live electrical equipment and leaves no residue. It is ideal for use in offices, computer rooms, electrical control rooms etc. It comes supplied with a wall bracket for easy installation.


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